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Trending Topic «POLAR» en Venezuela: ¿De qué está hablando la gente en Twitter sobre el trending topic «POLAR» en Venezuela?

La última vez que «POLAR» fue Trending Topic en Venezuela fue el 7 de Febrero de 2015.

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  • Don't put the winter coats away yet, 'polar vortex' making a comeback

    16/04/2015 10:26
    Don't put your winter coats away just yet fellow Michiganders. The upper air pattern is going to change dramatically next week, and another cold upper air vortex is coming back into the weather picture. It's not the entire 'polar vortex', but a weak ...

  • Giant Shell drilling rig arrives in Port Angeles

    17/04/2015 13:33
    The Transocean Polar Pioneer has been leased to replace the Kulluk, a conical drilling ship wrecked on New Year's Eve 2012 when it broke loose from its tow lines in a Gulf of Alaska storm and ran aground near Kodiak. The drilling rig was built in 1985 ...

  • Fairbanks bow hunter bags polar bear in northeastern Canada

    17/04/2015 03:52
    Fairbanks bow hunter bags polar bear in northeastern Canada. Story · Comments · Image (2). Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. Previous Next. Anna Vorisek. Ken Vorisek photo ...

  • Polar Bears Weakened by Pollution as Well as Warmth

    17/04/2015 07:03
    Kristin Møller Gabrielsen of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and colleagues report in the journal Environmental Research that they examined the liver, muscle and kidney tissues taken from seven polar bears killed by ...

  • St. Louis Zoo readies for Kali the polar bear

    14/04/2015 01:31
    ST. LOUIS • The federal government is in the final stages of evaluating an application to transfer an orphaned Alaskan polar bear to the St. Louis Zoo, just in time to take up residence in the new Arctic exhibit. The bear, Kali, was recovered by an ...

  • Natrop is Polar Bears' scoring sensation

    16/04/2015 21:41
    HORTONVILLE — The first time Miranda Natrop stepped on to the soccer pitch for a game this season she did something only one other girls soccer player in the state has ever done — she tied a state record with eight goals. Ironically, the record she ...

  • Dan Green has your animal story of the: Polar Bears

    17/04/2015 22:15

  • Norris Burkes: Science, theology aren't polar opposites

    16/04/2015 12:30
    Lest you dismiss theistic evolution either as heretical or scientifically untenable, I'd like to suggest that science and theology aren't polar opposites. They only seem to be contradictory because they reach different conclusions. The reason they get ...

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  • ¿SE NOS VA? Polar cierra sus puertas en Venezuela por ...

    14/04/2015 19:43
    La reconocida Empresas Polar paraliza sus operaciones en Venezuela debido a que el gobierno de Venezuela no procede a cancelar la multimillonaria deuda de 463 millones de dólares que tiene con la empresa, lo a su ...

  • Murió “taco” oso polar del parque metropolitano | Infinita

    17/04/2015 15:13
    A los 18 años se confirmó que murió Taco, el oso polar del zoológico del parque metropolitano y que desde 1996 se encontraba en el país tras llegar desde el zoo de Rotterdarm en Holanda donde nació. Aun no se entregan ...

  • Polar bears face starvation as unlikely to adapt to a land ...

    01/04/2015 13:00
    New research casts doubt on the theory that polar bears could survive habitat loss as sea ice declines by foraging for food on land.

  • Hexafluorocyclohexane Isomer Claims Most Polar Title ...

    24/03/2015 11:14
    This compound is remarkable for being the most polar nonionic compound now known to exist, according to David O'Hagan of the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland. O'Hagan, whose team synthesized the compound, ...

  • Lady Gaga, Vince Vaughn Take Chicago Polar Plunge ...

    01/03/2015 10:07
    Lady Gaga and Vince Vaughn joined more than 4500 Chicagoans in an icy dip into Lake Michigan for the annual Polar Plunge on Sunday to support the Special Olympics.

  • (VIDEO) Trabajadores de Polar denunciaron ... - Aporrea

    17/04/2015 03:52
    17 de abril de 2015.- Este jueves trabajadores de Polar agrupados en el sindicato Sintraterricentropolar, que representa a 8 estados del centro del país, denunciaron una serie de acciones violentas por parte de la directiva ...

  • Female polar bear raises hopes of birth in captivity - The ...

    24/03/2015 20:37
    Female polar bear raises hopes of birth in captivity. Owners of Highland Wildlife Park hope Victoria, 18, will get chummy with male Arktos during her stay in the Cairngorms. Victoria polar bear. Victoria the female polar bear ...

  • Polling Site Polar Not Dead (Or Acquired By Google) After All

    24/02/2015 18:30
    A few months ago, TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal and a number of other publications reported that Google had acquired the social polling startup Polar and that its founders were going to join the Google+ team.

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