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Trending Topic «POLAR» en Venezuela: ¿De qué está hablando la gente en Twitter sobre el trending topic «POLAR» en Venezuela?

La última vez que «POLAR» fue Trending Topic en Venezuela fue el 7 de Febrero de 2015.

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  • Zoo closed through Friday, but polar bear having fun

    26/02/2015 16:11
    But Anana, the zoo's polar bear, is enjoying herself. The zoo, which is in Asheboro, shared a video on its Facebook page showing Anana wriggling and rolling around in her cold, snowy home, Thursday. The zoo is about 90 minutes from the Triangle.

  • Polling Site Polar Not Dead (Or Acquired By Google) After All

    24/02/2015 18:31
    A few months ago, TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal and a number of other publications reported that Google had acquired the social polling startup Polar and that its founders were going to join the Google+ team. The company's spokesperson published ...

  • Polar Plunge set for this weekend

    26/02/2015 14:18
    RADFORD – Hundreds will brave frigid temperatures and take a swim in the chilly New River at Bisset Park this weekend for a good cause. The Highlander Polar Plunge has become an annual tradition in Radford, which continues Saturday. The event brings ...

  • DNR: No, polar bears aren't invading Michigan

    23/02/2015 17:23
    The alert, containing an official-looking Michigan Department of Natural Resources seal, states: "Warning! Lake Erie is frozen and polar bears are now in Michigan. Polar bears that have crossed the ice from Canada. Bring your pets in immediately! Do ...

  • Trained Polar Bears Volunteer To Give Blood For Science

    26/02/2015 11:05
    Meet Tasul, an elderly polar bear at the Oregon Zoo. (Salmon do not come in that shape in the wild.) She has worked with scientists before, wearing a camera to record her behavior. Now she's participating in another study. She's volunteering to give ...

  • Polar Plunge 2015 sees superheroes, cartoon characters and other costumed ...

    21/02/2015 16:33
    Andrew Whitaker | Sarah Zimmerman, left, Melissa Courier, middle, and Amanda Young, right jump into the pond at the William H. Haithco Recreation Area during the Michigan Law Enforcement Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, Saturday, Feb.

  • Free jazz and the Polar Plunge: 5 things to do in Portland this weekend

    26/02/2015 10:00
    PORTLAND, OREGON - March 1, 2014 - This year's Portland Polar Plunge was rescheduled to Saturday, March 1. The rain and clouds didn't deter participants from going all-out for the costume contest or dunking their whole bodies in water. (Emily Jan/The ...

  • Zoo announces new polar bears

    26/02/2015 11:52
    Once they arrive, the Henry Vilas Zoo will house two of only 60 polar bears in Association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited zoos in North America. A release from the zoo states that the new exhibit is designed to meet or exceed "the most stringent ...

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  • Polling Site Polar Not Dead (Or Acquired By Google) After All

    24/02/2015 18:30
    A few months ago, TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal and a number of other publications reported that Google had acquired the social polling startup Polar and that its founders were going to join the Google+ team.

  • Roller Polar - A Free Game by Nitrome

    10/12/2014 13:02
    Roller Polar - A Nitrome Game. Take control of your Polar Bear and ride the snowball down the mountain.

  • A quick update on Polar's planned software updates | DC ...

    02/02/2015 12:22
    Since Polar announced the V800 triathlon watch at CES 2014 (just over a year ago), there's been a steady stream of firmware updates to the unit increasing functionality of the multisport watch. At the same time, there have ...

  • América Retail – Alimentos Polar espera ventas en ...

    26/02/2015 15:33
    Alimentos Polar Colombia tiene un objetivo claro: tener más productos en el mercado y seguir ganando participación en un sector que no ha crecido como se esperaba. José Antonio Pulido, gerente general de la empresa, ...

  • Polar bears can communicate via footprints - Factually

    22/01/2015 09:25
    Polar bears are solitary creatures. They roam around their (increasingly less) snowy habitats, looking for food and love. Food is simple enough. But they have to sniff out love. No, literally, polar bears smell other polar bears' ...

  • Polar Announces A300 Activity Tracker Watch, also ...

    04/01/2015 23:59
    The A300 Overview: This weekend ahead of CES here in Las Vegas, Polar has announced their latest activity tracking watch, the A300. This watch aims to take the M400 GPS watch, remove the GPS part, and then call it the ...

  • 10 Things That Still Bother Me About The Polar Express ...

    17/12/2014 12:00
    Hollywood knows how to churn out holiday hits. Think Home Alone, The Muppets Christmas Carol, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street -- the list goes on. But The ... View "10 Things That Still Bother Me About The Polar Express" and ...

  • BBC - Travel - Where polar bears outnumber people

    06/01/2015 13:09
    The town of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada is the “polar bear capital of the world”. For two months each year, bears migrate to the tundra while waiting for ice to form on Hudson Bay. Related gallery: Canada's polar bear ...

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