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Trending Topic «POLAR» en Venezuela: ¿De qué está hablando la gente en Twitter sobre el trending topic «POLAR» en Venezuela?

La última vez que «POLAR» fue Trending Topic en Venezuela fue el 7 de Febrero de 2015.

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  • What Killed Knut? Researchers are Finally Able to Explain the Polar Bear's ...

    30/08/2015 13:26
    Knut was a beloved polar bear at the Berlin Zoo, who died a little over four years ago from drowning in a pool in his enclosure. While scientists were able to determine he drowned as a result of having epileptic seizures, the cause of this illness ...

  • What killed Knut, the beloved polar bear? Now we know

    28/08/2015 02:07
    Lots of questions and theories followed on what killed the beloved polar bear-- only to be discounted later. How could the 4-year-old ball of fur, young by polar bear standards, suddenly drop dead? An autopsy determined it was an inflammation of the brain.

  • Polar 3D and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Partner To Create 3D Printing Labs

    31/08/2015 04:15
    It's time for kids to head back to school, and now some of those students will have an opportunity to learn, hands-on, about 3D printing technology once they're done for the day thanks to a new partnership between Polar 3D and the Boys & Girls Clubs of ...

  • Lightning strikes Polar Bears

    29/08/2015 08:56
    The Polar Bears were crushed by the Appleton North Lightning 24-0 at Akin Field. Three minutes before halftime, the Lightning scored their first touchdown off an eight-yard run. They missed the extra point. A minute into the fourth quarter, the ...

  • Polar bears frolic in flowery fields in wildlife photos captured by Dennis Fast

    27/08/2015 12:33
    When we think of polar bears in their natural element, we tend to think of them in arctic climes, surrounded by snow and ice. While it's true that polar bears can only thrive as a species in icy regions, they do enjoy taking a break from the freezing ...

  • In the Race for Arctic Energy, the US and Russia Are Polar Opposites

    25/08/2015 18:43
    Although not an Arctic nation, China sees the value in building modern icebreakers to support its activity in the polar regions—north and south. The dominant posture Russia and China are assuming with regard to Arctic oil and gas stands in contrast to ...

  • Trump and Corbyn: Polar opposites, so much in common

    31/08/2015 02:56
    The front-runner to lead Britain's Labour Party lives like a pauper, wears socks with sandals and would nationalize anything that moves. Despite their apparent incompatibility, however, these polar opposites in sartorial and political style have a lot ...

  • Polar Bears push past Eagles, 24-13

    29/08/2015 01:48
    We play a 3-4 and our three guys up front played tremendously tonight,” Polar Bears coach J.L. Abbott said. “When we got them in passing situations, we got a lot of pressure with our ends. Us offensively though, I think their d-line dominated us. Even ...

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  • ¿Qué mató al oso polar Knut? Ahora sabemos ... - CNN

    28/08/2015 02:48
    En 2011, el oso polar Knut sufrió una convulsión y se ahogó en una piscina del zoológico de Berlín. Cuatro años después, los investigadores saben qué causó esa convulsión.

  • La foto de una oso polar desnutrida alerta sobre el cambio ...

    30/08/2015 16:58
    La imagen fue tomada por la fotógrafa Kerstin Langenberger mientras se encontraba en Noruega.

  • Polar Bears Are Now Eating Dolphins in the Arctic | VICE ...

    11/06/2015 16:35
    VICE News is closely tracking global environmental change. Check out the Tipping Point blog here. The good news: Polar bears, imperiled by climate change, appear to have found something new to eat. The bad news: It's ...

  • This Gaunt Polar Bear Smashed an Underwater Diving ...

    06/08/2015 15:11
    The very thin bear spent over three minutes underwater hunting seals, breaking the previous record of 72 seconds, according to a Dutch adventurer who published his observations in the journal Polar Biology.

  • Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch | Polar USA

    31/03/2011 03:45
    Polar Flow mobile app. Syncs automatically and displays training data instantly. Allows you to plan and analyze your training with the free Polar Flow app and web service. Supports smart notifications: receive alerts and notifications from your ...

  • Top 5 Best Polar Heart Rate Monitors |

    18/08/2015 18:07
    Here are some of the top best Polar heart rate monitors for 2015.

  • Osa polar con desnutrición por el calentamiento global ...

    29/08/2015 20:33
    Ciudad de México, 29 de agosto (SinEmbargo).- La imagen de una osa polar con extrema delgadez que circula en redes refleja la cruda y lamentable realidad que se vive en esta época por el tan mencionado y poco ...

  • Hands-on with Polar's new M450 GPS cycling computer ...

    04/06/2015 03:00
    Today Polar has announced their latest cycling focused product, the M450 GPS based bike computer. In doing so, they've also quite likely just upended Garmin with a unit that quite frankly kicks ass (at least based on my ...

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