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Trending Topic «POLAR» en Venezuela: ¿De qué está hablando la gente en Twitter sobre el trending topic «POLAR» en Venezuela?

La última vez que «POLAR» fue Trending Topic en Venezuela fue el 26 de Febrero de 2014.

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  • Pollution is weakening polar bear penises

    26/01/2015 11:30
    Poor polar bears just can't catch a break: It's already been shown that the sex organs of these endangered species have been shrinking over time, and now it seems that the bones inside their penises are growing weaker as well. In a new study published ...

  • A giant polar bear took the tube in London today

    27/01/2015 12:08
    LONDON — The city may not be experiencing the same icy conditions as the United States' Northeast region this week, but it had its own Arctic visitor on Tuesday. A huge polar bear made its way through the city as part of a PR stunt for new Sky ...

  • Polar Plungers prep for dip in Lake Ontario

    28/01/2015 15:37
    It's hard to miss Mark Hall running into Lake Ontario's frigid waters. Dressed as Elvis — complete with a wig, sunglasses and white jumpsuit — Hall, 43, has repeatedly dunked himself in Lake Ontario during Rochester's annual Polar Plunge for the last ...

  • Polar Bears' Penile Bones Are Breaking Because of Industrial Pollution

    28/01/2015 16:45
    Polar bears are among the most familiar faces of climate change. The iconic bears, which live and hunt on dwindling Arctic sea ice, became an officially threatened species in 2008 and continue to show declining numbers. But the bears may be facing ...

  • 5th Annual Polar Plunge set for Saturday

    28/01/2015 17:30
    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - Police officers, sheriff's deputies, rescue workers and other businesses and groups will take the plunge on Saturday. The 5th Annual Polar Plunge will take place Saturday at Oak Mountain State Park Beach. Teams of all shapes and ...

  • Polar Bear Run set to brave the cold on Feb. 7 in Prattville

    28/01/2015 10:11
    First Baptist Church of Prattville will host the 21st annual Polar Bear Run on Feb. 7. The run will feature a 10K course, 5K course and one mile fun run. The race routes, which consist of mostly flat terrain with a few hills, will start and end on ...

  • Join the polar bear and penguin party

    28/01/2015 16:55
    GALION – Galion Public Library, 123 N. Market St., will have a polar bear and penguin party with stories, crafts and games for children in kindergarten through second grade from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Feb. 7. For details, call the library at 419-468-3203 and ...

  • Watch Out Polar Vortex: Bombogenesis Is Here

    26/01/2015 13:02 Polar vortex isn't the only odd-sounding buzzword among meteorologists. Published January 26th 2015, 9:58 am. advertisement. Related Videos. (0:42) Playing Next Next. How Long Can a Flu Strain Haunt Us For? (0:42) Playing Next Next ...

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  • Roller Polar - A Free Game by Nitrome

    10/12/2014 13:02
    Roller Polar - A Nitrome Game. Take control of your Polar Bear and ride the snowball down the mountain.

  • Displaced Polar vortex - Daily Express

    25/01/2015 10:26
    BRITAIN is on RED ALERT for a devastating “displaced Polar vortex” to unleash nationwide snowstorms IN DAYS.

  • Giant Polar Bear on the Loose That Frightened London ...

    27/01/2015 14:59
    New York was supposed to be the city dealing with a scary winter visitor on Tuesday, but instead it was London that was thrown off-kilter—by a giant polar bear wandering around. The eight-foot male bear was first spotted in ...

  • World record holding Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition goes ...

    30/12/2014 01:25
    The 2010 Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition as it will be auctioned is decked out in a NATO Green vinyl wrap over a Graphite interior with 14,281 miles on the odometer. The vehicle is powered by a 4.0 liter TRD supercharged ...

  • Polar bears can communicate via footprints - Factually

    22/01/2015 09:25
    Polar bears are solitary creatures. They roam around their (increasingly less) snowy habitats, looking for food and love. Food is simple enough. But they have to sniff out love. No, literally, polar bears smell other polar bears' ...

  • LukeW | On to The Next Journey…

    11/09/2014 03:00
    My most recent journey started nearly two years ago when we began working on Polar. Today I'm delighted to announce we're joining Google. But before embarking on this new journey, I wanted to thank everyone that was ...

  • Polar Vortex to Blast 200 Million People With Arctic Air

    08/11/2014 03:00
    Arctic air associated with the polar vortex will lunge into the North Central United States early next week and will expand southward and eastward to affect about 200 million people as the week progresses.

  • Polar Bear Man - Part 1 | VICE | United States

    01/12/2014 10:24
    Last July, a hiker was savagely mauled by a polar bear in the Arctic. We went back with him to the scene of the attack to investigate why climate change is causing polar bears to target humans.

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